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Top 5 Must-Have Triathlon Gear Upgrades in June 2024

Top 5 Must-Have Triathlon Gear Upgrades in June 2024


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Each month, our dedicated team at Triathlete delves into a plethora of gear and gadgets, not just the latest arrivals but also our all-time favorites and those secret finds we just can't keep to ourselves. Here's a sneak peek into what caught our attention in June 2024. For more on what we're loving, visit our favorites page.

Shimano S-Phyre SH-TR903 - $350

Shimano may be known for its reliable components, but they've outdone themselves with the SH-TR903. This upgrade from the TH901 isn't just a step up—it's a leap. Ideal for long courses, its new BOA buckle system adjusts quickly and efficiently, ensuring that water retention and unsafe removals are worries of the past. Though it's a premium shoe, its features justify the price, standing toe-to-toe with competitors like Fizik’s Transiro Hydra Aeroweave Carbon.

Wool-Aid Hyperfine Merino Wool Adhesive Bandages - $6 (pack of 5)

Find them at
Summer brings blister season, and it hits hard. Traditional solutions often fall short, but Wool-Aid’s merino wool bandages are a game changer. Soft, breathable, and sturdy, they stay put through sweat and strain without causing additional irritation. Plus, they're biodegradable—a big win for eco-conscious athletes.

Aquaseal NEO Neoprene Contact Cement - $7.95 (1.5 fl. oz.)

A nightmare scenario: a torn wetsuit on race day. My quick fix? Aquaseal NEO Contact Cement. This easy-to-use adhesive saved my suit and my race, sealing the tear with no leaks after extensive use. It's a must-have for any triathlete's toolkit.

Roll Recovery R8 Deep Tissue Massage Tool - $170

After long days at the Outside Festival, the R8 Plus was a savior for sore muscles. Adjustable pressure settings make it suitable for any athlete looking to ease tightness on the go. Lightweight and effective, it’s earned its spot in my travel bag permanently.

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What is the Local Running Drop?

The Local Running Drop is a service that provides you with local recommendations tailored to your interests. It includes nearby events, routes out your door, and hidden gems within your area. You can sign up for it to get personalized suggestions.

How can I sign up for the Local Running Drop?

You can sign up for the Local Running Drop by visiting the following link: Sign Up. Follow the instructions on the page to complete your registration.

What are some of the products mentioned in the June 2024 gear roundup?

Some of the products mentioned include the Shimano S-Phyre SH-TR903 Triathlon Cycling Shoes, Wool-Aid Hyperfine Merino Wool Adhesive Bandages, Aquaseal NEO Neoprene Contact Cement, and the Roll Recovery R8 Deep Tissue Massage Tool. Each product has been reviewed and recommended by the editors for its performance and quality.

How do I repair a wetsuit with Aquaseal NEO Neoprene Contact Cement?

To repair a wetsuit with Aquaseal NEO Neoprene Contact Cement, lay your wetsuit on a flat surface, apply a thin stream of the cement along the seam, press the edges together, and let it cure for at least 30 minutes (though a full day is recommended for best results). This process can save you from having to buy a new wetsuit.

What makes the Roll Recovery R8 Deep Tissue Massage Tool special?

The Roll Recovery R8 Deep Tissue Massage Tool is special because it offers customizable pressure through an adjustable dial. This allows for both lighter and firmer pressure, making it suitable for different levels of muscle tightness and body sizes. It is also portable, weighing only 3 pounds, making it convenient to carry during travels.

Why do editors recommend Wool-Aid Hyperfine Merino Wool Adhesive Bandages?

Editors recommend Wool-Aid Hyperfine Merino Wool Adhesive Bandages because they are soft, breathable, and stay in place through various conditions, including sweating. They are also biodegradable and plastic-free, making them an eco-friendly option for managing blisters and other wounds.

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