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Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee: Cycling Adventure - Scenic Bike Ride within Crank Silhouette From $10.60 USD
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You should be selective in the races you choose.

This is a difficult one, and I would have to say it depends, but if success is what you seek, consider the following logic. According to National Geographic, our universe contains approximately 2 trillion galaxies. The sun is just one of approximately 100 to 400 billion stars that revolve around Sagittarius in our own galaxy, the Milky Way. How many solar systems would you visit if your job was to find life outside our own?

Triathlons are like stars in a galaxy. Because they vary in size and shape, limiting your opportunities to just one event per year limits your ability to learn, seek qualifications, or simply get on that podium that you so desperately want. So when it comes to increasing your odds of success, fewer races does not equal more success in my opinion. However, if you are an experienced triathlete who has seen and done it all, you should probably enjoy the luxury of being selective and avoid breaking the bank in the process.

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